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“This has to be one of my favorite classes ever! I came here expecting a normal dance class and came out of it so happy and filled with knowledge.

Sarah is just the kindest and sweetest teacher ever, she makes sure everyone is comfortable and having a great time.

This class made my day and I can’t wait for more next week.”

“Sarah, you are and INCREDIBLE instructor! Your positive energy and enthusiasm is undeniable, and you make class an absolute joy.

Not only are you clearly a skilled performer but the style in which you teach combos in such a caring way - breaking everything down, answering all questions, highlighting details, staring at a slower pace then building up to full speed - truly helps us to learn no matter our skill level.

Your class is my favorite way to start the week and you are such a gift to the Broadway Weekends community! Thank you for sharing your time and wonderful spirit with us all!"

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